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Expo 5 is a new pre-construction project located at 2900  Highway 7, Vaughan. New subway access is fuelling a rush to the sky and creating a promising downtown for Vaughan, just two kilometres beyond Toronto’s northern city limit. Every downtown needs its signature buildings though, and the latest phase of Cortel Group’s Expo City development is promising to provide one. CG Tower Condos conveniently located at the crossroads of Highways 7 and 400, steps away from the new TTC station and VIVA Station, and growing right in the heart of the bustling Vaughan Metropolitan Centre.

expo 5 CG Tower in Vaughan pre-construction

Expo 5 Highlights:

✅Located at Highway 7 & Maplecrete, in the heart of the brand new Vaughan Metropolitan Centre

✅Steps to the Brand New Subway station that will connect you to Downtown Toronto

✅Multi Billion Dollar re-development of a brand new downtown that will include new office towers, hotels, entertainment district, convention centres and much much more

✅Incredible opportunity to invest in an emerging downtown before it is developed!


Coming to you from the Cortel Group, the final phase of Expo City is set to be a landmark residential tower in the heart of the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC). The building features 4 large terraces for shared but semi-private amenity space with many green features on each terrace, forming a truly living outdoor space for residents.  The unique brick cladding makes the tower stand out among the neighbouring expo city towers and at 60 stories it will be the tower of choice in the VMC community.

 expo 5 CG Tower in Vaughan

The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre

The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre was at the heart of Vaughan’s growth strategy since as early as 1997.  The first residential building was completed in 2014 with Expo City and the new KPMG office tower was the first commercial building completed just this summer.

It is expected that the community will attract a young innovative and skilled workforce and this will be reflected in the community of residence as well.This will be further facilitated by the areas 8.6km stretch of 6 new TTC subway stations including a new regional transportation hub, and connections to Toronto and York University and connect to the Greater Toronto Area through access to VIVA routes.

This new subway station at Highway 7 and Millway Avenue is expected to be at the geographic centre of down-town VMC, just minutes from cosmos Condominiums.

The area is expected to be home to over 25,000 people, residing in 12,000 residential units, and employ up to 11,500 people including as many as 5,000 new office jobs.


Quick Facts

2900 Highway 7, Vaughan
Cortel Group
Floors Units
Smallest Unit Largest Unit
1 Bedroom (507SF) 3 Bedroom (1142SF)
Walk Score Transit Score
Occupancy Starting From
2022 $400,000

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